Hummus Face Off 2017

Berlin longest going Hummus contest 'The Golden Chick Pea' invites you again to make schluss with chick peas in the best possible way: Mash, mix and eat.

Everyone is invited to bring a homemade hummus, which will be tasted and judged, by every one who is there. The winner will go home with a bowl of glory and the much wanted Golden Chick Pea Award.

If you're not making a hummus, you're happily invited to taste and judge all the entries. That's right, your vote counts!
So start practicing and perfecting those secret hummus recipies and your taste buds and see you there!

!! Bring a bowl of selfmade humus big enough for quite a few people to taste, and do not garnish the hummus with pickles or something else, we need to be able to have a bite of clean hummus to decide which one is best !!

We provide bread (and pickles for unclean bites afterwards)

Good luck >>>>>>>>>>>>>

8 July 18:30 - 22:00

Bar O Tannenbaum - Hermannstrasse 232

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